Welcome to Rainbow Babies and Kids

We are a NSW based social and support group which formed in 1998, as a small group of lesbian mothers based in Sydney's Inner West, and has grown exponentially to become a well recognised and active community of lesbian mums with a mailing list of over 350. The group continues to grow and attract families who join from pre conception, when pregnant, with brand new babies, toddlers, kids and preteens, teens and young adults.

Each and every family is cherished and welcome as part of Rainbow Babies and Kids, and this is reflected in the huge group that walks for Mardi Gras each year.

We coordinate a range of activities. From weekly mothers' groups, playgroups supported through Playgroups NSW and monthly picnics, to biannual camping events, and our hugely successful annual disco.

The focus of the group and our underlying philosophy is that it has to be about the kids.

Giving them a peer group in which to identify as children of lesbian parents with all sorts of families is the overriding objective of the group. It is a wonderful thing for our children to have an identity as a 'Rainbow Baby' or 'Rainbow kid'.

Rainbow Babies and Kids is proud to have been part of a wider movement which has seen our families recognised, two mothers on birth certificates and a growing acceptance and acknowledgement of our families at a state and federal level in the passing of laws to acknowledge and cherish our precious families. Working with GLRL, and other groups, we have presented the human face of how the discriminatory laws affected our lives and families on a daily basis.

Rainbow Babies and Kids is funded by a labour of love and a sense of community.